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  Better for you, better for the world  


AIKYA stands to create Conscious fashion that exudes simplicity and elegance.


The brand started out of a need for products that are designed to last, not trend-driven, and inspired by natural design and materials, that were eco-friendly, not posing any harm to the environment, without luxury markups but with better quality than many higher end brands. We’re creating a modern Indian way of living, dressing, and looking at the world. This is at the heart of everything we do.


We make sure that no matter what we do, we do it thoughtfully, compassionately and responsibly.

Our collections follow our hearts, not seasons, which means we focus on fabrics and designs that give us (and you) the most joy. 


Designed with forever in mind


Built on quality over quantity, and centered around ethical sourcing and production, our mission is to make fashion that’s better for both our closet and our planet. 

  • We are working with rural artisans to sustain traditional craft techniques and textiles.

  • We believe in slow fashion. All our products are handcrafted and made to last.

  • Dress more for less with season-transcending, multi-way wearing designs.

  • We aim to bridge the gap between age old craftsmanship and modern wardrobes.

About the Designer

When I started Aikya, I was sure I wanted more than just another fashion brand. I wanted to serve a bigger purpose and while I am still trying to find that, I knew the direction I wanted to go ahead in.
I wanted it to be a symbol of Harmony, thereby came the name AIKYA which is a sanskrit word that translates to Harmony-oneness with Nature.


I realized how most of us don't grasp the hard work and craftsmanship that goes in the making of traditional fabrics and how much they are under-appreciated. I also realized the daunting impact of fast fashion on our environment and decided to work with our heritage and organic fabrics, sourced from different clusters of artisans across India.

Ethically-made from the finest, softest, most flattering eco-friendly fabrics, and designed with intention, function and love.

Garima Rathi
Founder / CEO Aikya

About the designer
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